Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Week 2: Back squat, push press, weighted pull up
You have to stay on point for this series. Don’t rush anything, but don’t dilly dally or you won’t finish.
If you did not find your 5 rep maxes last week then go ahead and find them today
If you like, You can download a sheet for this program, Courtesy Crossfit Fort Vancouver (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14Te4m4CRxKpNSRpOdwIobd7ov1MilF1tNBbxX66vfUU/edit?usp=sharing ), enter your maxes, print it and bring it in!
It will help you gauge your progressions going forward.
5 X 5 (75% of 5RM)
Warm up 2. Start with the empty bar and build to working weight
5 X 3 (75% of 3RM)
Warm up 3
– 20 scapular pulls
– build to working weight over a few sets
5 X 3 (65% of 3RM)
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