Tuesday Group Strength and Conditioning

Hill sprints are a great way to dramatically increase the caloric expenditure of an activity that already burns a boatload of calories when performed on flat ground. Think of hill sprints as a cross between sprinting and weightlifting. This has amazing benefits on body composition!
The next time you see a major track meet on TV, pay close attention to the short sprinters: they have arguably the greatest physiques on the planet…
Every 2.5 min
sprint uphill starting from the intersection of N Crawford and Baltimore (where hill begins to get steep).
Start the first two rounds aiming for smoothness. Run with high knee drive, but not full effort.
Go as far as you can in the following times
walk back to starting point and rest.
Round 1 = 8s (0:00)
Round 2 = 10s (2:30)
Round 3 = 12s (5:00)
Round 4 = 14s (7:30)
Round 5 = 16s (10:00)
Round 6 = 14s (12:30)
Round 7 = 12s (15:00)
Round 8 = 10s (17:30)
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