Thursday Home Workout

Today’s WOD is adapted from the quadrupenal movement base building routines used in the parkour and movement cultures to get people ready for dynamic and plyometric motions that can involve any part of the body. The type of thing, that folks like Ido Portal, martial artists use as a base that combines mobility, joint prep, metabolic conditioning and neuromuscular coordination to build a base for combining balance with explosiveness

Warm up

-systems check 1


2 rounds

-1 min jumprope

– 6 ten-second descent squats with arms overhead. Focus on foot position

-30 s rocking table stretch

-6 divebomber pushups

-10 jumping deck squat. Really jump high

WOD =5 Rounds for time

-15m Bear Crawl

-20 Push-ups

-15m Crab Walk

-20 Jump Squats

-15m Broad Jump Burpees

-20 Mountain Climbers

Reach full arm extension at the top of all pushups. Scale elevation (for example use a table or bench) so that you can point your elbows behind you (keep them close to your body) and stay in hollow position. If you are strong enough to do these from the floor but have trouble touching your chest to the ground, don’t worry so much about the bottom range of motion compared to keeping your body rigid and in posterior pelvic tilt with good elbow position.

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