Thursday Group Strength & Conditioning and Strength Squad

Thursday GS&C

Every 1 min for 8 mins, alternating between:
MIN 1: Alternating Turkish Get-up
MIN 2: 2 Alternating Box Step-ups + 1 Box Jump

3 rounds for quality of:
Cardio of Choice, 3 mins
2 L/2 R Kettlebell Turkish Get-ups, pick load
10x [ 1 Tuck-up + 1 V-up or sit up ]
8 L/8 R Kettlebell Goblet Box Step-ups, pick load
16 Box Jumps
Rest 1 min

Athlete Instructions
Kettlebell Turkish Get-ups- athlete choice, light-mod
Kettlebell Goblet Box Step-ups- athlete choice, light-mod
Box Jumps- athlete choice

*If unable to box jump replace box jumps w/ 16 slamballs

Lift 1: Back Squat
Lift 2: Hang Power Clean

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