Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

1. Snatch Position work·
2. Muscle snatch + drop· snatch: In 10 minutes or less , work· up to a 1 rep max muscle·snatch +drop· snatch .
3. Snatch with no foot· movement: 10 rounds every 90 seconds , complete: – 1 squat snatch , no foot movement* (Work up to max single for the day)
*When you are finishing the lift the lifter is taught to move the feet out in the catch and sit into the catch position. If you are performing the lifts correctly your foot placement in the catch should be at least slightly wider than your start position. With your feet in the catch position from the start this prevents the athlete from over-extending on the finish, and instead, have to move quickly from the finish to pulling themselves under the bar in order to catch the weight.

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