Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

-Deadlift increasing weight per round
As heavy as you can with impeccable form. You are not aiming for a max lift here.This is form practice

-Deadlift negative with 6 “real” seconds on descent.
Perform 3 reps without letting go of the bar.
It is fine if you have to lighten the weight from the last set of 3. Please keep perfect form. The weight you can move well here is suggested WOD weight if you have to scale . I suggest using double overhand hook grip (like a clean), and NOT using one hand in reverse grip.
Then 7 min AMRAP

– 40 Double unders
– 4 wall walks (nose to wall)
– 7 Deadlifts (185/135)


**** Saturday 12/26 all group strength and conditioning athletes are invited to join the Warrior class on the Roosevelt high school track at 10 am for a track workout!  *****

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