Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning


-wrist series. Use wall if advanced

-90s jogging in place

-2 min systems check 1


5 Rounds 20s work: 40s rest

– prone lift off with stick



Then (test this before starting)

-3 min assisted pec major supine stretch. Use foam roller, or bench or roll up a carpet.  If you need light weights go ahead, but nothing more than 0.5 lbs.  Aim for a passive hang with palms up and arms straight out to sides. Be patient and don’t break the stretch before time. If you are comfortable after 90s you can move arms through range of motion as shown in video at

11:48-12:45 at


Then Take a few minutes to test options for the following before starting your sets

-3 X 15 rotator cuff wall slides.

Stay hollow and keep shoulders away from ears. Try to externally rotate. Keep elbows at shoulder width and try to spread palms laterally away from body

If this is easy, use a band, use it like this

If  you have a small foam roller use like this

You can combine band and foam roller like this

If nothing then use like this




-7 minutes of hanging.

Stay relaxed. Aim for a slight hollow if you can. But it is more important to stretch out than create too much tension. So don’t worry about the hollow if it presents difficulties for you. Aim for flexed wrists if you can



2 Rounds

-1 min seated twist each side

Go cross-legged. Make sure you get all combos, for example L and R leg on top for each side you twist to


You can use your twists strategically as breaks from hanging. You will have up to 4 breaks.


WOD 2:

-10 r side to side squat

-2 min standing pancake

-10 r side to side squat

-90s vertical frog each side

-90s piriformis each side

-2 min diamond frog

-30s rock hugging knees to chest

-90s frog

-30s rock hugging knees to chest

-90s frog rock

-90s pancake shoulder each side

-10r seated good morning


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