Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

Curl, press,

We are working with light weights today using some basic bodybuilding exercises to work on forearm strength to stabilize the rest of the limb. For the WOD, grip your weight strongly. In bicep curls, aim to keep wrist flexed (pointing toward your elbow pit) through the  whole movement.  Have all your weights ready for quick access during transition time.


Warm up:

-10 cat cow

-Wrist series

-10 pike squat

-90s min rocking table

-1 min standing pike inlocate extension with stick


Warm up each movement to test your weights


WOD 1= 3 Rounds: Don’t break during the round

-30 Curls.

-30 Strict Presses

-30 Lateral Raises  don’t cross parallel

-30 Hammer Curls

-30 Upright Rows

-30 push press

-30 Curls

1 minute Rest


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