Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

Today an old bedsheet wrapped around a tree, pillar, joist, lamppost etc will work. Other ideas at

Home pulling

Hanging on your door for pull ups are NOT recommended

Please thoroughly and carefully test any options using broomsticks and chairs if you use them


Warm up

-20 scapular pulls

-20 scapular pushes

-10 squat

-30s of pull negatives

-10 side to side squat

-30s of push negatives (5 s descent pushups)

-30s shoulder bridge rock. Aim to straighten knees

-40s of pulls

-30s of side arch up each side

-40s of pushes




WOD 1 = 5 Rounds (15 min EMOM)

0-1:  Max pulls

1-2: Max push (pushup or pushup variation recommended. Pseudo planche pushup if you can *

2-3: 1 min twisting bear


Pick a pace you can sustain for the minute. For example if you can do 15 pull ups in a set, then maybe sets of 5 with brief rests throughout the minute might be a good test target.

Pulls can be rows, pull ups or hangs,

Pick a push that involves your core. So for example, if push ups  are hard for you, then try plank shoulder taps where you really work on spreading your scapulae


WID 2:

5 Rounds

– 5 to 10 reps bench dip (Work) **

-10 backward arm circles (Mobility) ***


*  Pseudo planche pushup  push in hollow body with hands at hips the whole time


** Bench dip.

Keep shoulders down away from ears and scapulae retracted

Keep shoulders away from ears and do not allow them to jutt forward. Keep scapulae strongly depressed (down). Elbows should move behind you as straight back as possible. It is not necessary to try to stretch into an uncomfortable range of motion. Find your natural range. If you feel shoulder discomfort, try externally rotating the arm (opening the chest) by pointing thumbs forward or at a 45 degree angle away from your body. Keep the shoulders down and away from your ears, point your elbows back and straighten from the elbows.


1) Initially you may find that you prefer descending only to 90 degrees until your shoulder mobility improves.

2) body vertical. Don’t lift hips at the top of the dip. Keep shoulders away from ears.

3) at bottom, get shoulders as close to hands as possible.

Consider using 2 boxes or benches so that feet are at the same height as hands or higher.


*** double arm circle backwards


1) Keep the elbows straight and extended.

2) The arms should come relatively close to the ears.

3) stay in hollow body


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