Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

Warmup 2R

-1 min jog in place

-1 min jumping jacks

-5 divebomber pushups

-3 inchworms



-5 “I”, “Y”, “T”, “W”, and “O”

-1 min max hang. Gently unpack the shoulders. Use table, towels etc. Do not hang from door please

-1 min max scapular pulls or scapular retraction



-1min max hold at top of pull

– min max bent lean. Use both arms or get both sides

– 1 min max pull/rows  (pull ups, ring rows, towel rows, table rows, barbell rows, ice cooler rows etc)

– 5 reps bent pull. Take time to sink into the pull


WOD 2 = 3 Rounds (36 min) EMOM work for recommended time or a max of 55 seconds. This follows a work: mobility format that allows  you to experiment with the larger progression.


-max bent hollow body hold

-30s cat cow. Unpack shoulders in both directions. Look up to sky as chest opens.

-max bent hollow body rock

-30s table

-max straddle hollow body hold

-30s rocking table

-max straddle hollow body rock

-5r each way table inside out

-max hollow body hold

-30s shoulder bridge

-max hollow body rock

-5r shoulder bridge rock. Aim to straighten knees


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