Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

Thursday at PDXstrength
9:30 am Zoom Group Strength and Conditioning
Noon Zoom Group Strength and Conditioning
5:30 Zoom pm Group Strength and Conditioning

*Drop ins welcome to take our Zoom classes- all levels can participate in these workouts*

Warm up

-wrist series

-jumprope for 90s

-Systems check 1 for 2 min

-10 squat

-15 arch ups

-10 side to side squat


– 6 inchworms

-10 bootstappers

-10 jump squats

-10 plank jacks

-1 min prayer stretch in the bottom of a squat

WOD: 5 rounds

-wall sit series *

-20s transition

-hollow arch roll tuck in ascending 5 second increments each round: 5, 10, 15, 20 seconds etc **

-20s transition

* Wall sits:

-both legs 30 s;

-rest 15 s;

-one leg held at horizontal straight out, 15 sec;

– rest 15 s;

– other leg held horizontal, another 15 seconds.

Stabilize from glutes and hips as opposed to the knee. Drive out of your heels and press your back into the wall.

If this is painful on your knees, then you can sit with hips higher on the wall.

**hollow arch roll tuck: hollow arch roll Then add a tuck at the end of each complete roll

Starting on back, Log-roll back and forth but do tuck-up or V up after every roll, increasing by 2 roll-tucks each time (one each direction). Try to keep only core in contact with the floor without touching shoulders or leg. To log roll you have to start in hollow, roll sideways to arch, then roll back to hollow.. then do your tuck



-90s Elevated Seiza

-90s narrow hurdler each side

-90s wide hurdler each side

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