Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

Today’s WOD was designed as a test of fitness and grit applied to any discipline.  There are physical limits, but scaling here is mostly mental unless you have injuries, illness or joint issues. A chance to re-live a moment that just a few short years ago was one of many experiments used to advance the foundation of current fitness theory

It  was a highly impactful announcement for some of the fittest competitors on earth, but scaleable to anyone. The only equipment you need is a timer and enough space to jump and lay down on a relatively flat surface.



-wrist series

-20 scapular pushups

-1 min jumprope

-systems check 1

-10 straight-limbed burpees (down ups)

-1 min jumprope

-10 pushups


WOD: CrossFit Open 12.1

– max burpees in 7 minutes


Ideally jump to touch a target 6 inches above your maximum reach when standing with arms straight overhead. But don’t worry about the target unless you are very proficient at burpees.


Be sure to get out of the pushup position with your whole foot flat on the floor. If you don’t have the mobility to squat with feet flat then get up with one leg at a time in a lunge. The goal here is to learn how to maintain an aerobic state in an activity that requires very high output. Keep good form and stay smooth. It is more important to move continuously than to move fast. This is not a sprint except for a select few individuals. Remember, you can always do one more burpee.


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