Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

-50/40 cal row
-40 single arm kettlebell thrusters *
-30 no push-up burpees
*single arm thrusters up to 50/35 lb. Kb. Switch hands every 10 reps.
Gymnastics strength/stability
-2 x :20 high plank hold
-2 x :20 ring support hold *
-20 strict ring dips (accumulated). Singles are fine
*Keep elbows straight and glue arms to hips. If the top of the ring dip is too difficult set rings at approximately knee height and work to turn them out on high plank hold
WOD 3= wellness = GB single leg squat
Class goal is Preparatory Element 8
Work: speed skater squat 5 x 5 reps each side
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