Thursday Group Strength and Conditioning

30 min skill work
Every minute, work on a movement from a section (A, B, or C). Try not to do movements from the same section in consecutive minutes. Muscle ups and skin-the-cats are the wild card exception and can be used for any station… for example the workout can simply be muscle ups skin-the-cats on the minute for 30 min. Please only do skin the cats if you have experience comfortably performing these at high volume before.
-10 kipping (beat) swing
-10 ring rows (start with shoulders as close to hip level as possible. Place feet on box if needed
-5 strict pull up
-5-10 kipping pull up (chin over bar, chest to bar, hip to bar)
-10 K2E or T2B
-1 rope climb
-1 legless rope climb
-30s FLR
-10-15 push up
-10-15 ring or parallette pushup
-5-10 dips
-dumbbell press
-handstand hold
-5 handstand pushup
-handstand walk
-5 plyo pushup
-2 planche pushup
-15-20 air squat
-10 cossack squat
-10 deck squat
-10 pistols
-15 hollow rocks
-15 arched body rocks
-30s hollow hold (aim for arms straight, biceps touching
-10 to 20 GHD sit ups
-10 to 20 GHD hip extensions
-8 L-hang Leg raises
-15s L-sit
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