Saturday Home/Track Workout

Times are listed en lieu of distance, in case you can’t measure your distance. Today’s WOD is aimed at building Oxygen carrying capacity (VO2max). It draws from the fundamental theory behind interval training, from the folks (mid distance runners) who really pushed the theory to its current state. The goal is to spend as much time as possible working as close to your aerobic threshold (the point at which you go anerobic) as possible. This allows more time training at higher capacity and is a prerequisite for sustained speed or sustained high power output. The goal of the rest is to allow you to run faster than you would have if you spent the same amount of time on your feet running continuously.

Track day if possible, Run,


-400m no run (3-4 min)

-400m run (2-3 min)

-3 x 100m build up (about 60 steps each)

WOD For time:

-Run 1,600 meters (7 min)

-Rest 3 minutes

-Run 1,200 meters (5.5 min)

-Rest 2 minutes

-Run 800 meters (3.5 min)

-Rest 1 minute

-Run 400 meters (90s hard)

Scaled version to be used if you can measure distances. The Distances here should correspond roughly to the times listed in order for rx distances above. For example 1200m would take about 7 min for running challenged athletes

-Run 1,200 meters

-Rest 3 minutes

-Run 800 meters

-Rest 2 minutes

-Run 400 meters

-Rest 1 minute

-Run 200 meters”



-10 deficit calf raises each side

-90s half hurdler each side

-90s couch stretch each side

-90s spinal twist each side

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