Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning

Complete 100 thrusters for time*:
-Max effort unbroken thrusters (95/65lbs)
-200m run
-10 strict pull-ups or 5 muscle-ups (ring or bar), or 2 rope climbs (any version)

*Each time you break up the set of thrusters, go on the run and then do the pull movement.
Time is when you get to 100 thrusters.
Scale weight as needed and reps if necessary. Scale pull-ups as ring rows.
*if you want to work on rope climbs or muscle-ups, then tailor reps to something manageable (for example if you have 2 unbroken muscle-ups perhaps make 3 total as opposed to 5). Variations for rope climbs include strict rope climbs, l-sit rope climbs.

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