Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning

Playtime Wheelbarrow races (work in a pair with person ‘A’ in pushup position while person ‘B’ holds ‘A’s’ shins or scale holding between the knee and hip of ‘B’. Adjust according to class size and skill level. Try for at least two races. Add more if class is having fun. Each team races 4 lengths of the gym, ideally dividing work as two lengths per pair. for the 3rd and 4th length, 3 pushups must be performed in wheel barrow position for every 6 steps taken.

WOD 2= Skill/play

-6 min handstand practice, wrist to shoulder/hip tap, try sideways handstand walk or scaling drill below

-3 min knee raise set up

WOD: 4 Rounds for time

-400m run

-handstand walk one length of the gym

-20 knee raises

Handstand walk scaling drill. For folks who are having trouble with handstand walks, substitute a drill that helps them get in position. A suggestion would be 60-90s where they handstand walk to a wall. Start at a distance close enough to the wall that they can reach it. See if they can increase the distance from the wall slightly with each attempt. For folks who cannot invert fully or cannot take even one step of a handstand walk, use shoulder taps either against the wall, in box pike or pike from the floor.

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