Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning


-10 cat cow

-wrist series


2R Manflow prone scapular mobility

-30s prone Y (thumbs up) 1:19

-30s prone T (palms down) 2:12

-30s prone W (palms up) 3:08

-3 prone pull up 3:57


-20 jumping jacks

4 min Tabata jumprope as follows

-single skip

-side to side  bunny hop

-forward and back with feet together

-scissor step forward back

-in & out jumping jack style

-high knees

-butt kickers

-cross overs

-double unders


-6 inchworms with extra push up

-5 x 6s descent pushup negatives



perform a 30-second double-under test run. If you do 30+ reps in 30s, do the 5:00 AMRAP as written (50 DU each round). If not, choose a number of reps that you expect to take :30 – 1:00 to complete (10-30 double-unders). You can also perform 50 no -rope double unders (spin  your wrists twice per jump) or 100 single skips as a substitution



Warm up weights for the version of Devils press you will do


WOD: On a Running Clock


5:00 AMRAP

-50 Double-unders

-10 Devil’s Press



-Rest 3:00




5:00 AMRAP

-50 Double-unders

-10 Devil’s Press



-Rest 5:00



12:00 EMOM

A. 10 Right leg DB/KB Bulgarian Split Squats @ 2011

B. :30 Hollow rock/hold

C. 10 Left leg DB/KB Bulgarian Split Squats @ 2011

D. :30 arched body hold



Devils press double arm

Devils press single arm

The Devil’s press is a movement that combines a burpee with a dumbbell or kettlebell ground to overhead or swing. Depending on the weights you have available, you can either do alternating single arm devil’s presses, or you can use two dumbbells for each rep. If using a kettlebell, do your burpee with hands on the ground (for safety) and then grab your KB and perform a single arm snatch or swing to complete the rep.


For the split squats during your EMOM today, the “”2011″” tempo calls for a :02 descent, no pause at the bottom, a :01 stand, and a :01 pause at the top of each rep


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