Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD 1 . No worries if you can’t use a device for zoom here. See you in 15 min!

5 Sets on a 3 min Timer

-400m Run

Substitute any monostructural movement (jumprope, bike etc). This can also be done an ony machine that you have access to. Work: rest time should be approximately 1:30: 1:30. Adjust distance so that work time is not faster than 1:00 but not slower than 2:00.””



-40 calf raises with heels and toes touching. Keep knees locked and together

-90s elevated seiza

-40 calf raises with heels together and toes out. Keep knees locked and together

-90s squatted seiza.  Keep ankles in plantar flexion

-40 calf raises with toes together and heels out as far as possible. Keep knees straight Reset if heels drift inward

-90s curled seiza. Curl toes under the foot as much as possible

-10  Pike squat

-2 min standing pike

-10  Pike squat

-90s min kneeling Achilles stretch on each side.

-90s Standing Achilles stretch each side.  Use foam roller or block. Keep heel down.

-90 s narrow hurdler each side on block/ab mats

-90 s wide hurdler on block/ab mats (each side)


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