Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning

Outdoor Workout on the stairs at Cathedral Park
Run up the stairs as follows. Try to build speed,increase your footfall cadence with each step. Start as slow as you need tokeep coordinated.  Operate in conga line fasion,going up one side of the stairs and using an easy walk down the other side ofthe stairs as a recovery.
-2x with a foot touching every stair
-2x with a foot touching every other stair
-2x with a foot touching every third step. If thisis too far for you, then do with a foot touching every other stair
-2x jumping up the stairs with both feet touchingevery stair
-2x jumping up stairs with both feet touching everyother stair (repeat single stair if this is difficult)
-bound up the stairs on one leg, with your jumpingfoot touching every stair. Switch legs half way up
-start with the leg opposite the one you used tostart last time, and repeat.
Emphasize, arm drive, knee drive and keeping thefoot on the ground for as short a time as possible. Focus on the mechanics ofspeed.. NOT on how hard you are pushing off the stairs
Then, do quadrupedal movement as follows:
-Up stairs facing up stairs
-Down stairs facing up stairs (i.e., go backwards)
Walk up the stairs
-Then attempt QM going down stairs while facingdown stairs.
-Then attempt QM going up stairs while facing downstairs.
Stop to rest as often as needed.
Spend no more than 2 minutes on each type ofQM.
If you are not done by 2 minutes then tap out andmove on.
If you can’t do one of the movements, then try thelast one you were able to do.
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