Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning

Event 1
5 min
-150m Farmer carry
-200m shuttle run
-max distance handstand walk in remaining time.
*Both partners must complete the run.
*Handstands pick up from where the hands were last placed when a person comes down
*Partners can switch whenever they see fit.
Rest 5 min
Event 2: for time
7 min cap
Each partner Does:
-18 KB overhead squats
-row (250m/210m)
-3 rope climbs
At 3-2-1-go, partner 1 starts on the overhead squats, while partner 2 runs to the gym to begin the row and climb.
When partner 2 is finished with the row and climb they run to the grass to begin the Overhead squats.
When partner 1 is finished with the Overhead squats they run to the gym to start the row and climb.
Rest 4 min
Event 3
5 min AMRAP
-Carry kettle bells, both bells must be overhead. Can be carried by either partner or both.
– max double unders in remaining time.
*One partner works at a time for double unders.
*Other partner must be in handstand hold for double under reps to count
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