Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD = 5 Rounds. Every 6 minutes
-Go as far as you can with the prowler in 25 seconds
-20 air squats with arms overhead
-Return prowler to start point as fast as you can
-sprint 40m as fast as you can
-rest the remainder of the 6 minutes
Increase weight on the prowler every round. With about your bodyweight on the prowler. By the end, load as much as you can still move on the prowler without stopping in the first 25 seconds, even if it is only a few feet.
The air squats are for quality over speed. Keep the back and elbows straight and stay on the heels, while sitting the hips back. If you don’t have the mobility to get to the bottom of the squat then go as low as you can while keeping heels on the ground and back straight. Work hard on not bending the elbows. If you have the mobility then face palms to the sky while keeping shoulders away from the ears and pinching shoulder blades together.
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