Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning

6 min EMOM
-high hang snatch
-hang snatch
-snatch from floor
Increase weight with each round. Land as deep in the power position as feasible for your speed and mobility.
3 rounds for time of:
-Run 400 meters
-12 power snatch 115/80
-6 bar muscle-ups
Scale muscle ups using
1) jumping muscle up, but descend into a controlled negative and hang completely at the bottom.
2) hip to bar kip swing. Note that this is NOT a pull up. Quite the opposite. Cultivate the feeling of pushing away from the bar from the bottom of the swing to mid swing
Alternate 1 and 2 according to round
If you can’t get over the bar with a jumping muscle up, then place both hands flat on the jerk box. Lower your chest as far as feasible for you and press up for the second half of a parkour muscle up.
If you cannot press up, then perform controlled negatives of the press up movement.
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