Saturday Group Strength and Conditioning

Partner WOD (for time) 15 minute cap… Baltimore “hell”
– 4 farmer carries up and down Baltimore hill (35/25)
With a KB in each hand.
Kettlebells Take 4 trips up baltimore hill from N Bradford St to N Edison st and back.
One partner farmer carries, while other runs. Runner try to complete route* before carrier has to drop. If carrier has to break before runner gets back to them then stop where break occurred and wait for partner. Once the runner catches up to the carrier, then partners switch roles and continue.
Run fast and steady so you can take over the carry before your partner has to break.
Carrier go as far as you can without breaking, to save you and your partner a lot of work.
* Route = continue from where ever you left KBs up hill to Edison, down to Bradford and up until you meet your partner.
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