Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD = 2018 Crossfit Regional event 3

Extended time cap = 20 min

3 rounds for time of: -9 muscle-ups -36-ft. handstand walk * -36-45-54 single-leg squats -36-ft. handstand walk *

* The regional event included handstand walk over stairs and ramps. Competitors may place plates of various sizes in the handstand walk area as obstacles to walk over. This can include 45lb plates stacked as many as four-high if desired.

Scaling This workout contains a lot of high-skill gymnastics movements. Ignore the time cap and speed that the Regional athletes complete this workout in. Modify the movements and reps as needed while still using this as a chance to practice gymnastics skills.

Intermediate Option 3 rounds for time of: -5 muscle-ups -36-ft. handstand walk, no obstacles -36-45-54 single-leg squats -36-ft. handstand walk, no obstacles

Beginner Option 3 rounds for time of: -5 ring rows -5 jumping ring dips -36-ft. bear walk -36-45-54 single-leg squats -24-30-36 squats -36-ft. bear walk

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