Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

1) Seated Box jumps for height
-3 reps
Work up to max height box jump while starting from a seated position

2) Standing vertical jump.
Get some chalk on a fingertip.
3 attempts:
From a standing position jump and leave a chalk mark on the highest point on the wall that you can reach

3) depth jump
3 Rounds of 3 reps.
Drop off of a box (height of your choice) and rebound to max height tuck jump. Do not pause at the bottom of the jump. Explode upward as soon as your feet touch the floor
Warm up with a few gentle reps to gauge your coordination and plyometric capacity
You can also rebound onto a box (or jerk box) that is higher than your starting box
Rest as needed

4) Three trips medball broad jump
Broad jump for max distance while holding a medball with both hands in front of your chest.
Rebound from one jump to the next with as minimal a pause as possible between jumps
Rest as needed between trips.
5) Jump landing technique
-10 min Technique work on landing when clearing (jumping over) objects

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