Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

5 min AMRAP
-6 alternating Turkish getup (as heavy as you can handle well)
-18 box jumps
-36 double unders

Spend up to 15 min working on High box jumps
increase height with each round. rest between rounds.

Work up to a 1RM Turkish getup. If you exceed available db or KB weight, please add plates to a barbell

Up to three attempts at maximum handstand hold.
Scale to where you can aim for a minute or more.
Rest as needed between attempts

If your free-standing hold is less than 30 seconds long, then use the wall for assistance.
Face the wall with wrists 6 inches or less from the wall if you can. If this lasts less than 30 seconds, then face away from the wall.

Up to two attempts at max UNBROKEN double unders.
If you can do more than 400 unbroken double unders, then attempt triple unders

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