Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Then 4R of the following couplet (anything more than training bar counts as a set)
-3 Snatch grip BNPP followed immediately by 3 OH squat
-4 Snatch Squat Press with 2s pause overhead for each rep (anything more than training bar counts as a set)
3 sets x 3 reps slow (tempo snatch pulls)….hit all these position going very slowly:
-floor (proper set ups) to 1″above floor
-1″below knees
-1″above knees (make sure you do not go around the knees)
-mid thigh
-hit the down position (scoop, double knee bend….Bergener calls this the down…..then to the high hang. repeat going down. on the 3rd rep….hit the down and explode to the finish. choose the weight carefully.
Then work up to 85% 1RM snatch
-1 rep at 85%

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