Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Monday GS&C

Tempo Deadlift (11X1)

*Keep weight Heavy across all sets.
Remember Reading Tempo… 1
st Number is ‘Down Portion’
2nd Number is ‘Down Position’
3rd Number is ‘Up Portion’
4th Number is ‘Up Position’

30 TNG Deadlifts (Light load)
400m Run
20 TNG Deadlifts (Light but heavier)
400m Run
10 TNG Deadlifts (Moderate)
400m Run

*For every drop complete 6 Up-Downs Over Bar.
– Barbell must be held in double-overhand grip.
– Bar can not be slammed on the TNG, must be a smooth touch and return.
– Bar can be held at waist but can not rest on the body.

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