Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

12 min EMOM
-3 pull ups
-3 dips
Scaling back a bit today before the final push for volume
*Remember if you have achieved a muscle up then this trumps the pull ups and dips.
The goal here is to operate at a higher virtuosity than you did at the last EMOM
if you managed one muscle up per minute, then try for two. if you got your chest to the bar, now try to get belly button or hips to the bar. muscle up negatives, and Russian dips are options if the pull ups the ring dips seem too easy.
Work in teams of 2
25:00 AMRAP-
-50 calorie row
-50 toes to bar
-50 push-ups
-50 med. ball sit-ups
-50 DB front squats, 60/40 lb. dumbbells
-50 calorie Airdyne
One works, one rests.
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