Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

AMRAP in 20 minutes.. but take your time. Most folks might get 3- 4 rounds.
Start light and only add weight if you can go through full range of motion unbroken for all 5 reps with NO PAIN. Use this as discovery time.
-5 single leg slant board calf raises each side. If that is too hard, then do 10 double leg raises. If too easy, then add weight by holding a DB or KB in one hand.
-5 wall peels
or UNWEIGHTED Jefferson curl on the slant board
-5 full range pull overs. No more than 25% BW for males or 20% BW for females, getting elbows and hips below shoulders.
-5 external rotations each side with load according to bodyweight. No more than 10% for males or 8% for females, with STRICT form.
Workout 2 = 3 Sets
-15 Barbell Curls. Go through full range of motion and try to avoid imbalance (one arm pulling more than the other.
-30 Banded Tricep Pressdowns
Choose weights and band thicknesses where you can go unbroken on both. If one arm is clearly stronger or more coordinated than the other, then do curls with dumbbells
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