Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

15 minutes to work up to a heavy clean and jerk
The preference is for squat clean and push jerk. But feel free to help members with power cleans or split jerks if these are more appropriate for them.
1 round of bear complex consists of the following sequence unbroken without letting go of the bar or resting it on the ground.
-1 Power Clean
-1 Front Squat
-1 Push Press
-1 Back Squat
-1 Push Press
Workout 2= 7 minute AMRAP:
-Bear complex
Empty bar or very light weight is fine for most. Do not go above 135/95. If that is light for you, then just do more rounds. For reference, A complete bear complex is 7 reps. Where 1 rep is the complete sequence of 5 movements.
Advanced members can go for complete complexes (7 reps without letting go of the bar). Beginners may aim for one rep at a time.
Adjust weight only if you can go heavier without a no-rep or resting longer than it took you to complete the last rep
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