Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Workout 1 = Courtney’s training plan snatch warmup. 15 min. Go for quality as many times through as you can in 15 min

1. 3 Snatch grip Romanian deadlifts

2. 3 snatch high pulls

3. 3 muscle snatches

4. 3 Behind Neck snatch press

5. 3 tempo overhead squats (OHS), tempo 2301 (see below)

6. 3 snatch balances

7. 3 power snatches to OHS (receive each rep a little deeper, pause 2 seconds in receiving position)

8. 3 high hang (squat) snatch, or snatch pull under according to capacity

9. 3 hang (squat) snatches

– You can break it into sets as needed. Complete the whole thing 1 to 3 times, starting with an empty barbell and adding load on each round if moving well – Tempo 2301 = 2 seconds down, 3 second hold at bottom, 0=explode up, 1 second hold at top””

Workout 2: = light isabel with 5 min cap

-30 power snatches for time

Use a weight where you can use cues you practiced earlier today and keep good position. Today use a weight where you can do your first 5-8 reps touch & go.

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