Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 min. of:

-40/30 cal. Row

-core exercises *

*Core exercises consist of the following

Even round -10 GHD hip extensions -10 GHD sit-ups

Odd round -10 arch hollow rolls. One roll = back and forth to the same spot.

Scaling: Advanced athletes can add weight by holding a plate to chest for GHD hip extensions or use GHD hamstring curls. Aim to keep core exercises as quick as you can do with good form, which means you can pace the row for enough recovery that you rest minimally during transitions. However aim to transition between exercises as smoothly as GHD machine availability will allow. GHD sit ups can be scaled only to parallel for members that need it. Athletes who have difficulty with the GHD exercises can do only arch hollow rolls, aiming to keep elbows straight and ankles touching.

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