Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

VMO squat

10 sets of 10 in 10 minutes


These should be pain free. Incline adjustments may help if your mobility is limited. Use a stable incline and keep feet hip distance apart. Adjust incline so you can get to depth while keeping back straight.  Start the first set of 10 with no weight. You may add weight (goblet squat style) up to 25% of your bodyweight as you get comfortable


3 rounds

-20 seated good mornings.

-10 standing weighted oblique stretch


For both of these exercises the goal is to use the weight to assist range of motion as opposed to using as much weight as possible.


For seated good mornings, Start unweighted and adjust foot height so thighs are parallel to the floor.

Aim to get your belly button to the bench while keeping your chest off the bench.

You may add weight by holding dumbbells in your hand. Do not excee 15% of bodyweight per hand today.


You may start the weighted oblique stretch unweighted, and experiment with adding weight each round.

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