Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD 1 For time:

-1 mile Run * or sub rowing

-30 Back Squat 155/225 *from the rack (Use no more than 65% 1RM back squat)

-2 runs up Baltimore hill *sub rowing

WOD 2= 3 rounds for quality:

-25 Hollow Rocks + 20 seconds hollow hold

-20 Side plank dips, each side

Rest as needed

Get as much range of motion as possible on what ever side plank dip variation you choose


For rounds 2 and 3, use the GHD sit up.

Beginners accumulate 20 s in a GHD sit hold with body parallel to floor

Advanced can do 10-25 GHD sit ups according to ability followed by Hollow hold.


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