Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD1: 4 Rounds for time

-Bike 25/20 cal

-rest 3 min


Wipe down bikes as needed


WOD 2 = Patellar alignment practice

-10 double leg calf raises (toes out)*

-10 squats

-10 double leg calf raises (toes in)

-45s kneeling achilles stretch each side

-10 pike squats. Hug knees to chest at bottom of the squat

– 2Rounds of 35s of lunge stretch each side.*

-25 consecutive tibialis raises against a wall


* For all calf raises: Do not bounce! Pause for 1-2 secondsat the bottom (try to touch your toes to your shin) then squeeze at the top.make sure the big-toe side of the foot is engaged, but try to keep the footbalanced.


**Stay in the bottom of the lunge for the 35s. Keep torsostraight by working the back leg and glutes with heel up. For the front leg,dorsiflex the foot asĀ  much as possibleand move into Poliquin position if you have no pain. Use elevation on the frontleg if you want to scale

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