Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Warm Up:


-15s Jumping Jacks

-15s Toe Touches

-15s Shoulder Circles

-15s Down-ups


KB Swing Practice

-3 Sets:

-5 KB Deadlift

-5 Russian Swings

-6 American Swings or KB/DB snatch according to ability and experience

-5 Burpees



WOD 1. 30-20-10 Reps for Time

-KB/DB Snatches (or KB Swings)



WOD 2. 5 Rounds: Every 2 min

-6 perfect pike pushups


The goal of WOD 2 is to build the form for handstand pushups, with hollow body, protracted shoulders and elbows close to your body. The long rest is to enable full recovery between sets of your best ability. You are welcome to mobilize or move between sets, but rest enough to scale to whatever version allows your max effort for 6 reps. Adjust the intensity level according to your ability by keeping feet on the ground, elevating on a box or using a wall facing variant of either handstand pushups or pike pushups.




-5 inlocate pass throughs

-5 dislocate pass throughs

-1 min elevated cat stretch

-1 min straddle stretch”

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