Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Today you’ll need a weight you can hold in front of you and thrust overhead.  A backpack full of stuff often works if you don’t have easy things to grab.



-1 min jumprope

-30s prayer stretch

-20 scapular pushes

-10 side to side squat



15s Jumping Jacks

15s Pike squat

15s Mountain Climbers

15s outside inside outside back



-15s alternating deep lunge

-15s lizard lunge

-15s jumping deck squat



Prepare movements and weights for WOD. If you can’t find a stable object to step up on, then do reverse lunges.



WOD= 3 Rounds for Reps

1:00 DB/KB/Object Rows

1:00 Plank Walk-ups

1:00 DB/KB/Object Step-ups

1:00 hollow rock/hold

1:00 DB/KB/Object Thrusters

1:00 rest””





-1 min spinal twist each side

-1 min side lying arm circle each side

-1 min frog stretch”

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