Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD = 20:00 AMRAP

-2 rounds of “mary”

-200m run



1 round of mary is:

-5 handstand push-ups

-10 alternating pistols

-15 pull-ups



Scale HSPUs here using 1 wall walk as 3 HSPUs. Each wall walk must start and end moving through the plank push up in hollow body position to count. Go as close to nose-to-wall as possible, and stay hollow


Otherwise use box


IF you will like to build the requisite strength for free standing HSPU consider wall-facing HSPU with elbows tracking as if you were doing a good push up. Use a soft surface and see 6:26 at


Scale pistol using a counterweight, or a bench/box or a combination of counterweight with a bench/box. Adjust the height of the bench/box according to your capacity to maintain your stability. If you have the mobility and strength to perform a few pistols, but struggle with the high reps, Then use one 10-second single leg squat negative (descent) as a scale for 5 pistols [GB SLS/SE3]. If you have trouble with stability in the 10-second negative, substitute 1 single leg deck squats (GB SLS/SE4) for 2 pistols. Alternate sides. “

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