Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD: approximately EMOM. If transition takes a little time,don’t worry about it. If you hit failure or complete an exercise before theminute, then rest for the remainder of the minute

-60s max bent hollow hold

-60s cat cow. Be sure neck positions follows the spine

-60s Static Seated Shoulder Flexion with PVC pipe

-60s max bent hollow rock

-30s table pose, rest the remainder of the minute

-30s Static Standing Shoulder Extension with PVC. Rest theremainder of the minute

-60s max straddle hollow body hold

-30s table rock, rest the remainder of the minute.Externally rotate shoulders and retract scapulae at the top

-30s Supine Floor Handstand Flexion with PVC

-30 s standing shoulder extension with PVC. Open chest andpull shoulders back

-60s max straddle hollow rock

-30s table inside out. Keep hips and chest elevated at alltimes


-30s Prone Floor shoulder Flexion with PVC,

-5 slow dislocate pass throughs

-60s max hollow body hold

-30s shoulder bridge

-10 reps Prone Floor shoulder Flexion Pulses with PVC

-5 slow inlocate pass throughs.


-60s max hollow rock”

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