Monday Group Strength and Conditioning


-wrist series

-10 cat cow

-200m jog


4 min Tabata jumprope as follows

-single skip

-side to side  bunny hop

-forward and back with feet together

-scissor step forward back

-in & out jumping jack style

-high knees

-butt kickers

-cross overs

-double unders

-10 squat

-20 scapular pushes

-10 side to side squat

-5 x 5s descent negative pushup. Keep elbows in

-5 outside inside outside back each side


Review and warm up DB clean



WOD :  Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:


-30 dumbbell power cleans

-20 push ups

-100 double-unders


Max weight. Don’t go above the following weights in each hand: F 35-lb. DBs M50-lb. DBs

Scale double unders to 200 singles


Scale pushups to where you can do sets of 5 unbroken in the later rounds.




-90s supine shoulder extension.  Try to keep hands together and extend as deeply as possible into shoulder extension.



-20 double leg deficit calf raises”

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