Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Today we are working on conditioning, posture and grip. While trying to maintain some lower leg adaptation from our recent sprinting. We are Looking for neurological coordination adaptation by having you locomote both loaded and unloaded. transitions are important for the adaptation . So try to  move smoothly between one movement and the next (fast transitions).


For the farmer carries, try to keep the handle of your object in the center of your palm as opposed to in your fingers. You can use a hook grip if you want. Keeping in the center of your palm will help prep us for when we get back to pull ups, barbells and rings, and help those of you who need to develop a false grip.



3R on a 6 min timer

Run up Baltimore hill from N Bradford st to N Eddison St


The three warm up runs should be RELAXED. Run easy and work on timing.

Aim to stay light on the feet for the whole effort.

Start light, Stay quick but try not to run hard.

Pace so you can keep your cadence.

Increase effort as you get looser.


Then 3 R

-4 outside-inside-outside back each direction

-5 standing weighted oblique side bend each side*

Increase weight each round


* go directly to the side of your body. Not in front of back of the hip bone. Go as deep as you can on one side before standing straight again.


Practice farmer carry. Emphasize shoulders down and back. Stabilize with your shoulder muscles in your back, and try not to overload your front deltoids and pectoral muscles.


WOD = 4 rounds for time of:


400-m run

200-m farmers carry


Top end recommended weights in each hand as follows: but go lighter if you have to stop more than 5 times in your farmer carry.

F 35-lb.

M 50-lb.


Cool down/wellness:

-Travel 300m

-accumulate 60 double leg deficit calf raises. Take your time to get full range of motion. Work both the top and bottom extremes of the calf raise. If you become too fatigued for full range, then take a break and pick up where you left off.


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