Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Warm up,

-10 cat cow

-10 deficit calf raises

-1 min  no-run

-2 min jog

-wrist series

-10 squat

10 alternating plank row to wing

-10 side to side squat

-10 butterfly shrug/ scapular row

-10 pike squat

-5 x 5s descent negative pushup. Keep elbows in and push out of thumb-side of palm

-10 jump squats

-10 deep lunges



WOD = 15 Rounds for time

-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15 Burpees

-200m Run


1 Burpee the first round, 2 the second, 3 the third… final round is 15 burpees + 200m run


Basically run 100m out and 100m back, and do burpees in a good spot


Don’t sprint the runs unless you have been training consistently. This is a great chance to focus on form, smoothness and technique.

The first 8-10 rounds of this workout might feel like a running workout for most of you. The later rounds might feel like the burpees are the crux. I’d recommend getting your burpees smoothly (which implies quickly) and unbroken, then run as fast as you’re able without your burpee pace slowing drastically. Use the run as your throttle: if your burpees stay fast and consistent, keep that gas pedal down on the run. If your burpee speed starts to slow significantly, adjust your run accordingly by slowing it down a bit in order to keep your burpees quick!


Total volume today is 120 burpees and 3000 meters of running (just under 2 miles). Split up into 15 rounds, it means there are 30 transitions. That’s 30 opportunities to either move with a purpose, or change the stimulus by resting. Remember that both the burpees and run are movements that you won’t fail on. It’s just that your pace may vary. Focus on moving well, and with a purpose! And you’ll be OK with where you are now. Get started right away by getting to the ground on your first burpee of every round immediately and taking the first step of your run right away when those burpees are done. Once you start, keep going!


Time cap is 25 min.


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