Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Today is our third revisit our “”rockclimbing”” WOD from March 31. If you found that WOD challenging, this is a good chance to see how you have progressed with some of our lockdown targets. Especially given our focus on body control with the pistol development and goblet squat series

Please review movements before starting, so you’ll know what you need and where you need to be.

I’ll link you to time points in the routine to help you follow along



– wrist series   If you have been doing the writs series regularly you can begin to experiment with the next level, which is the wall. I’d recommend placing a yoga mat, towel, T-shirt or some other protection on the wall. Do the exercises on the wall while standing in hollow body position. How much  you lean into the wakk will adjust the pressure on your wrists.

– plank with 10 external rotations (1:04 at

– 5 slow controlled pushups. Keep elbows in



WOD. Coaches aim for people to do one movement every 90s. Use long rest periods to ensure emphasis on quality of motion

Take time to help clients through their setup.  We’ll revisit this about once a month, but taking the investment to work through the kinks here will make a lot of shelter in place easier over the next few months


– 3 sets of 10 perfect pushups.  Scaling options here


– 8 wrist circles in each direction


-45s downward facing dog


-3 sets of wall walks (1 to 3 reps per set).

Stay hollow. If only doing one rep, try for a 10s handstand hold at the top of the rep


-1 min crab position

If you have trouble getting hips up, use the rocking table stretch from GB thoracic bridge series


-45s sphinx pose  .

Keep shoulders away from ears and open your chest. Look up if you have the mobility


– Bridge rotations. 3 sets of 6 reps (3 per arm)

Think of these as an application of “twisting bear” from the GB thoracic bridge series

Scale by using a wall

Or scale by using ¾ rotations


-10 scapular pushups


– Tuck planche: 3 sets of 10 seconds

Scale using high elevation like chairs

Low elevation like blocks or parallettes

Or going from the floor if you have the capacity


-10 pike squat

-1  min standing pike stretch from our GB front split series


– L-sit:  3 sets of 10 seconds

Scale using chairs and a tuck

Straight legs and a ledge

Keeping toes at hip level



– 10 by 10s squat descent. Feel free to use arms overhead option. Barefoot recommended


– pistol prep progression from the bottom of the squat.

Lean to one side (e.g., right) and try to begin lifting other side foot (e.g., left) off the floor.

Lean to the next side (e.g., left) and repeat the process with the other foot.

Alternate sides for 15 to 20 reps.

Start lightly and progressively increase effort and range of motion with each rep.


-2 sets of 10 s per leg at the bottom of a pistol

Scale by holding onto an object or using a counter weight.

Hold at a position of stability. Keep your spine as straight as you can and don’t collapse in the bottom of the pistol.  It’s OK if you have to hold the single leg squat without reaching bottom position


– Pistol (single leg squat) 3 sets of 10 reps

Scale using single leg deck squat (rolling pistol)

Single leg deck squat using both legs for final extension

Speed skater squats


Next you need something to hang/pull off of


– 20 scapular pulls


– Strict Pull ups  3 sets of 6 to 10 reps

Scale using jumping negatives


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