Monday Group Strength and Conditioning


-10 cat cow

-wrist series

-1 min jog in place

-10 arm raises with elbows straight

-10 arms overhead air squat. Keep elbows straight, touch elbows together behind your head if you can

-20 jumping jacks

-10 side to side squat

-10 deep lunges

-1 min in the  bottom of the squat. Use hips to keep back straight. Raise arches of feet the whole time



2 Rounds Burgener warm up and skill transfer exercises.

Do the 2nd round without pausing

At the end of each set of 3 snatch balance, stay in the bottom of the squat and do 5 behind neck snatch press.


For all movments, Really upack the shoulders once the pipe is overhead. Push through the palms in your hook grip

Here are the exercises listed out:


Burgener Warm-up

Perform 3 reps of each. Move with a Purpose!


2. Elbows High & Outside: BAR CLOSE!

3. Muscle Snatch: SNAPPY TURNOVER!

4. Power Snatch Lands 2in – 4in- 6in”: FOOTWORK!

5. Snatch Lands: FOOTWORK!


Skill Transfer Exercises

Perform 3 reps of each. Move with a Purpose!

1. Snatch Push Press: OVERHEAD STRENGTH!

2. Overhead Squat: CORE STRENGTH!

3. Heaving Snatch Balance: ARM SPEED!

4. Snatch Drop: FOOT AND ARM SPEED!

5. Snatch Balance: FOOT AND ARM SPEED!


Here are several resources to help educate you on the Burgener Warm-up and Skill Transfer Exercises:


1. Burgener Warm-up demo short version

2. Skill Transfer Exercises demo short version

3. Burgener Warm-up & Skill Transfer Exercises demo medium version

4. Burgener Warm-up long version with Coach Burgener (some of the verbage has been updated since 2015)

5. Skill Transfer Exercises long version with Coach Burgener (some of the verbage has been updated since 2015)””


Then do a warm up round of leg blaster

-4 Air Squats


-4Jumping Lunges

-4 Jumping Squats


Give everyone a few minutes to get set, then start the timer


WOD = 3 Sets on a 4:00 Timer:


1 “”Leg Blaster:””

-20 pistols or Air Squats

-20 Lunges

-20 Jumping Lunges

-10 Jumping Squats


OR “”Mini Leg Blaster:””

-10 Air Squats

-10 Lunges

-10 Jumping Lunges

-10 Jumping Squats


At the 12:00 mark: 3 min Max Push ups

Scale up or down using a variation according to your ability : elevated pike push up,  pike pushup, incline pushup etc


Leg blaster; Good form is critical here.  Don’t lose points of performance, like foot position, driving from the heel, sitting back into the glutes and keeping the back straight.  Really try to make this about glutes and hips even though your quads may scream. With that said, go as fast as you can and don’t stop.


In the pushups:

Aim for consistency, but definitely spend some quality time near burn out zone here. Basically any time you can do one or two pushups, go for it. Even if you are not sure, then try




2 Rounds

-1 min curled seiza

-20 arm circles forward and backward

-90s couch stretch each side

-Static Seated Shoulder Flexion 6 reps*

-30s Static Standing Shoulder Extension **




*tilt forward and “”pull”” the hands behind the head.


** Aim to raise the bar to shoulder height.

– Remain upright in hollow body as the bar is raised.


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