Monday Group Strength and Conditioning


-20 cat cow .Be mindful of incorporating scapular pushes (and pulls if you have the mobility)

-wrist series

-1 min jog in place

– Overhead Mobility Drill ( * – 1 round

-10 squats arms overhead

-10 side to side squats arms overhead

-1 min jumprope

-20 scapular pulls

-10 pike squat

-10 deep lunges

-max hold at the top of a pull in 1 min*.

-1 min lizard lunge


*this could be chin above bar, pull sheets past your chest, chest to table etc




Barefoot recommended

-1 min plate goblet rock   0:46-3:25  Use hip bounce and ankle flexion according to mobility


-10 plate goblet pause partials. On each rep, Raise for 5 s before down and stand. 3:26-5:00



5 Rounds (10 min EMOM) alternating movements each minute

-10 Pistols

-5-10 Strict Pull-ups, Body rows, or DB/KB Rows



Warm up weights and review technique for WOD 2



10:00 AMRAP

-10 Hang clean & jerk . use barbell, DB/KB/Object according to what is available to you

-20 Step-ups (weight optional)

-30 Double-unders


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