Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Take a tip from the pros for what to think about for squats while sheltering in place and beyond


WARM UP. Best done barefoot

1) a light weight. A hammer would be heavy for most), a jug with a little bit of water will allow you to adjust weight


1) something straight you can lift with even distribution : good examples would be a  pvc pipe, broom stick or barbell.


– Front Raise ( ) – 1 set x 15/arm

– Laying Wiper ( )- 1 set x 15/arm

– Overhead Mobility Drill ( * – 1 round

– ARE Squats ( **– 1 round

-1 min support squat

– Overhead Mobility Drill – 1 round

– ARE Squats – 1 round

– Overhead Mobility Drill – 1 round

– Front Raise ( ) – 1 set x 15/arm

– Laying Wiper ( )- 1 set x 15/arm””

-10 paused goblet squats 3 s hold in the bottom

– 10 goblet squats with more weight (working toward WOD weight)

-8 goblet squats, more weight




3 Rounds

-30 Goblet squats (70/53)

-20 air squats for speed

-3 min rest between rounds



* 1 round = 5 shoulder rotations + 5 behind neck press and stretch with reverse grip

-See video description for more detail



**1 round = 20 total reps w/5 second pause in bottom/rep

-5 air squats with elevated heel

-5 air squats level (usually Oly shoe but can be regular shoe or no shoe)

-5 air squats with elevated toes

-5 air squats level



Who said we could not do a squat series during shelter in place. We continue a ?? week series (depends on how long we shelter) designed to improve squat posture, proprioreception and conditioning. You’ll have to pay attention to what weight you are using enough to adjust as needed to calibrate and adjust as recommended once you have calibrated.  This series is gem from CVF competitor mastermind, Mac Curran, that really challenged me and helped me fix imbalances.

These are meant to be speed rounds. At the very least, keep going without stoppng, even if you have to slow your pace. For some it may feel impossible after the first, but this will be a rewarding progression

If you

1) Do the best goblet squat you can on EVERY REP. Don’t worry if it seems slow. This is important for adaptation and learning your pace


2) Keep form during the bodyweight movement. Don’t get sloppy trying to “get done”


I think large capacity liquid laundry soap containers will do well for most people who don’t have weights, and give you lot of options for holding the weight.  Assume 8.35 lbs per gallon of water or other liquid in the container. Use two containers if you need more weight


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