Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Warm up
-20 calf raises (deficit if you can)
-6 inchworms
-20 mountain climbers with front foot flat
-1 min jumprope. If you don’t have a jumprope, spin your wrist twice (like double under) for each jump
-10 deep lunges
WOD 1 = 12 min EMOM. Every minute, work for 30s then active recovery (jog in place or small circles, bounce etc) for 30s
1- jmping jacks. Keep arms straight and extend fully at the top.
2-lunge or jumping lunges according to ability
4-mountain climbers
5-side lunges (almost like cossack squat, but step toward bent leg instead of thinking of pistol)
6-Plank side step lift (almost like our parallel slide from GB single leg squat series)
7-speed skater jump, or scale to low side step
8-high knee run in place. Stay as dorsiflexed as possible (toes to shins) and use arm drive to adjust speed
9-Plank twist (alternating side plank) Scale from knees or elbows according to ability
10-Russian twist . weighted or unweighted according to your choice
11-Alternating superman (cross body arch ups)
12-weighted squat. Any weight you can move well. You can squat your dog (or child) if they like it for 30 seconds !
WOD 2: 5 sets
-100 double unders
-40 goblet squats 53/35 (or any weight you can manipulate)
-Max L-sit (up to 20 s)
Scale sets, not reps. For example, if you pick a weight that is too heavy for you to do 40 goblet squats, then lighten the weight so you can do 40. If it’s really kicking your butt, then drop to 4 or 3 sets, but still do 40 reps. This is a rehab technique to build posture.
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