Monday Group Strength and Conditioning


5 rounds

-10 pike squat

-10 side to side squat

-10 twisting squat

-Max handstand work 1,3,5

-10 jumping deck squat

-10 alternating single leg deck squat

-10 alternating speed skater squat *

-Max handstand work 2,4,6




(do not bounce off knee. Rear knee and foot touchgently simultaneously)


Aim to move continuously at a controlled pace withquality. This WOD is meant to present progressive scaling options. If you getto a movement that you cannot do, then substitute the last movement you wereable to do successfully.


Max Handstand work:

By max effort here we mean as long as you canwhile still leaving enough room to exit the position safely. This translates to“don’t go to complete failure”.


1 Nose to wall hold. Keep core tight and toestogether. If you can’t touch your nose to the wall, make your bestapproximation. You are welcome to do Handstand shoulder flexion press (akahandstand rock) for some rounds instead of strict hold. This will help you withthe nose to wall position if you are “almost there”


2 Shoulder taps. Aim to do this facing the wall.If you can’t do any facing a wall, then use a box and try from pike position.If you can’t do it on a box then try with feet on the floor in pike position.If you can’t quite get to your shoulder, then lift hands off the floor


3 Wall walk. Do as many as you can to withouttaking a break


4 Hip touches. Do this facing the wall. Nose towall ideally.


5 Off the wall holds. From your nose to wallposition, move your feet and hips a tad off the wall. Fall back on the wallwhen you get tired. Be wary of falling/rolling forward. Kick sideways if youdon’t have rolling experience


6 Max handstand walk. Use any starting positionyou are comfortable with.. e.g., start from the wall, or kick up etc. If youfeel it will help you can try walking toward the wall or away from the wall.


See handstand scaling progressions here

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